Easy fat removal with a tiny incision

Zap Away Fat

It is a safe and effective way to reduce body bulge and contour the body.

Laser Body Shaping with LipoLite

LipoLite represents Syneron’s entrance into the body contouring market with a laser treatment device designed to zap away fat and treat localized deposits of fat. LipoLite is inserted beneath the skin into the fat to heat and then remove the adipose tissue. It is a safe and effective way to reduce body bulge and contour the body.

How LipoLite Works

By heating up the fat tissue, the 1064nm laser in the LipoLite allows for the easy removal of problem fat with a tiny incision. There is very little bleeding as the laser coagulates any blood vessels. This means less swelling and bruising than normal liposuction surgery. LipoLite also allows for treatment of hard-to-treat areas not safe for normal liposuction such as the neck and inner arms.

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Results with LipoLite can usually be seen quickly as the fat is removed from the body during the treatment. As your body builds new collagen over time due to the laser energy, skin will tighten and smooth and you will see a general lifting from the procedure in the skin. This is another advantage to laser liposuction, skin is tighter and looks improved over traditional liposuction, which can leave skin dimpled and loose.

LipoLite Cost

It’s important to discussing pricing with your physician during a consultation. Pricing may vary based on numerous factors. To learn more about pricing, please contact a surgeon in your area.

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