The “Smart” Way to Get Thin

SmartLipo MPX offers a safe, simply way to achieve tighter skin in a shorter time – with no sagging

More Versatile than Traditional Liposuction

The level of precision allows SmartLipo to target areas of high vascularity, such as the neck and inner arms that were previously untreatable with liposuction.

Stubborn fat, be gone! Say goodbye to unwanted fat safely and effectively with SmartLipo MPX, the latest laser device for the reduction of cellulite and fat from Cynosure , one of the world’s leading developers of light-based aesthetic medical systems. This breakthrough device delivers all the benefits of laser lipolysis (short recovery, tighter skin), along with the power of two lasers in one treatment.

How It Works

By heating the skin from underneath, SmartLipo offers significant skin tightening, body contouring and smoothing in a way that traditional liposuction can’t. That’s because Smartlipo MPX requires only a small incision for the laser to be able to reach the fat cells under the skin. That’s good news for patients: Since the laser is able to liquefy these cells while it is simultaneously cauterizing the area, this minimizes the bleeding and bruising that may have scared you away from traditional liposuction. In fact, Cynosure’s device allows the patient little or no downtime. “When people walk out of here, you can’t tell they’ve had lipo,” says Bruce Katz, MD, a professor of dermatology at New York’s Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, who was involved in the first U.S. laser liposuction trials. In other words, safe and effective lipo without feeling or looking like you had it? It’s science at its best!

The Best Part About Lasers

Patients seeking liposuction sometimes are turned away because certain areas are too risky or difficult to treat; for instance, the neck, the inner arms, upper abdomen, all are difficult for traditional liposuction. But with SmartLipo, those areas can be safely treated – and the skin won’t sag afterward either. “SmartLipo is more versatile than traditional liposuction because we’re able to thread a tiny laser under the skin, targeting localized fat deposits. This level of precision allows us to target areas of high vascularity, such as the neck and inner arms that were previously untreatable with liposuction. Also, the laser stimulates collagen production, so the skin isn’t left looking like a deflated balloon,” said Dr. Katz.

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The Hit to Your Wallet

Generally, a treatment will set you back anywhere from $2,000 to $8,000 (so you might have to borrow a bit from your vacation fund, but it’ll be worth it!). The cost of SmartLipo greatly varies, depending how many areas of the body you want reshaped, the specific area you want treated, the city you live in, and the number of offices offering the new MPX device in your area. A quick chat with your doctor to discuss the cost of treating various areas and what your budget is will help determine the right approach for you.

Hear the Buzz

Could a sexy, tight body be in your future? Patients have been singing its praises since the treatment was introduced. “I always wanted thighs that don’t touch. I thought it would satisfy what I’ve always wanted to change about my body,” said Colleen, a patient in New York. “I love what I’m seeing. Those pockets of flesh in the back are totally gone. Saddlebags? Gone. I couldn’t be happier.” That’s a sentiment we can get onboard with – so contact your doctor today.

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