trusculpt impressive

Schaumburg, Illinois

Rating Treatment: TruSculpt

CommentsPosted Jan. 7, 2013

I was very pessimistic going in for my trusculpt treatment. I had lipo done a few years ago and did not get good results. I am 5'7" and 140# and am 7 lbs overweight from my normal baseline. I went to go do a Trusculpt session as it was given to me complimentary from a plastic surgeon I had referred some clients to as a '"thank you". I reminded my surgeon that I had lipo with minimal results and the zerona laser with zero results. I told him this probably wouldn't work either but since it was complimentary I would give it a try. He has been very honest and up front with me over the years and said "it's not a matter of will it work or not, it does." I was told I would see preliminary results at about 4 weeks with maximum results by 12 weeks. Well, I did not change my exercise routine much and had plenty of good days as well as bad days on the low carb diet thus far. However, despite my lack of willpower with diet and exercise at 3 weeks I could notice my love handles firming up. It will be 4 weeks tomorrow and I have to say my love handles are almost non-existent and I haven't even come close to hitting the peak of this treatment working which is about 8 weeks. Also, the dippling I have from the extra skin of childbearing is also almost gone which I thought only a tummy tuck would remedy. Also, I was told I would only need one session and I believe I will not need a second. Normally my stomach would not look like this until I hit the 132# mark with weight loss and I am 8lbs away from that and it starting to look amazing. So, yes I would recommend Trusculpt. I will post more updates in the upcoming weeks. I took before pictures and will take some more as I hit the 4, 8, and 12 week mark.

Coolsculpting Works

Charlotte, North Carolina

Rating Treatment: A “Cool” Approach to Get Your Body in Hot Shape!

CommentsPosted Jul. 14, 2012

I had 2 treatments on lower abdomen and one on the upper on the same day. I have this round "bagel" looking type of fat around the belly button. No pain except mild cramping. The entire area was numb for two weeks and then by 3 to 4 weeks all feeling had returned. At 3 weeks I could already see the fat decrease. At week four now and there is no fat under the navel and a little mound left on the right side. I never thought about it not evenly decreasing the fat. I really could not afford to do another set but one treatment more and I don't think I will have any fat left. I going for it if at 2 months there is any fat still there!

Thermage is just what I was looking for

Boston, Massachusetts

Rating Treatment: Thermage

CommentsPosted May. 14, 2012

I am 5'4 and 164 lbs and I was feeling like I could use a little body shaping, I heard about this non-invasive procedure that could sculpt my thighs and belly called Thermage. My doctor explained that what basically happened was that Thermage uses certain radio frequencies that makes collagen contract and causes new collagen to form and lift the sagging skin. I didn't care what it used as long as it didn't cut my skin and it toned up my saggy skin! The procedure was extremely painful but I could notice some improvement right away so it was all worth it. I really felt taken care of the clinic and it gave me a renewed sense of confidence. Definitely recommended for successful body sculpting.

Seeing Result Quickly

Nashville, Tennessee

Rating Treatment: Velashape

CommentsPosted May. 12, 2012

I have just completed my second of 6 scheduled velashape sessions on my buttocks/outer thigh area and I am seeing a difference already. My sessions have been about 45 minutes each and only a little bit uncomfortable. I am generally quite fit but have had a hard time getting my pre-baby body back in the last few years. I saw the treatments on TV and thought I would give it a try. I can see increased smoothness and contouring already. I have four sessions remaining before I move on to my tummy. So far I am happy I found an alternative to surgery.

Lost Inches

Hartford, Connecticut

Rating Treatment: Thermage

CommentsPosted Mar. 19, 2012

I was initially pretty skeptical when my friend told me about this miracle procedure called thermage that tightens your skin and helps you lose inches on your body. I have always been under the impression that unless there is some form of surgery it doesn't work. I have to say after having a thermage body treatment on my stomach 8 months ago I am a believer. I have lost about 2 inches and I am more toned now than when i was working out every day. I love my results and would do it all over again.

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