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Ultrashape is a non-invasive body contouring device which is not yet approved in the United States by the FDA, but is in use throughout Europe. European clinical trials are definitely showing some impressive results, however. Here in the US the FDA holds devices to a very high standard and in order for them to gain FDA approval they have to show results in clinical trials. I think that procedures such as Ultrashape will offer a whole new avenue for body contouring once its available in the US.

Using Ultrasound to ‘Melt’ Fat

Ultrashape works through a technology called high intensity focused ultrasound. It works to contour the body by using pulses of ultrasound waves to heat and melt fat cells without damaging any of the adjacent cells. Ultrashape’s manufacturer has claimed that the body circumference may be reduced by around 1.5 inches, with some in their trials seeing an improvement by as much as 4 inches.

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UltraShape Cost

No cost estimates are currently available for Ultrashape in the US as it is not in commercial use here yet, however it is available in Canada, Europe, Asia and elsewhere where the price of UltraShape may range from $3,000 to 7,000.


Generally a treatment session with UltraShape will take less than an hour and will not require any anesthesia. The physician will gently glide a hand piece over the treatment area, delivering the ultrasound energy into the skin at a precisely determined depth. Afterward, you can resume your regular activities. Results are usually visible after three treatments, which are usually staggered at two-week intervals.

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