Melt Away Unwanted Flab With Zerona Laser Fat Reduction

Target your other trouble zones and slim your body with this efficient, pain-free treatment

Painless and non-invasive

Your friends and colleagues won’t notice a thing but the smaller, shapelier body that gradually begins to emerge.

Got love handles? What about unwanted belly bulge? (Wait a minute, is there such a thing as wanted belly bulge?!) Blast it all away with Zerona, a non-invasive treatment option developed by Santa Barbara Medical Innovations (SBMI) for people who want to lose fat in isolated trouble spots. FDA approved since September 2010, Zerona was among the first “laser fat removal” devices approved by the FDA for non-invasive slimming and re-contouring the body.

How Does It Work?

According to SBMI, Zerona targets adipose (fat) cells with specific low-level wavelengths of light that cause the fat to seep out of the cells. The cells then deflate, which makes the body’s shape appear smaller and tighter. The fat itself is then thought to be safely absorbed into the body’s lymphatic system, and is eventually metabolized by the liver. Talk about a dream come true for fat-reduction!

Unlike liposuction and other invasive fat-reduction treatments, Zerona treatments are painless and non-invasive. It’s also quick: Sessions usually last only about 40 minutes. The typical number of treatments needed depends on how much fat is being targeted, but a typical treatment series involves 6 sessions spread over two weeks. Chances are, you can squeeze those appointments in without disrupting your work or social life; your friends and colleagues won’t notice a thing but the smaller, shapelier body that gradually begins to emerge!

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What Else You Should Know

There are no major medical risks involved with Zerona, because the treatments are non-invasive and do not require an anesthetic. There’s also no recovery time required (but be sure to set aside time for admiring one’s new figure in dressing room mirrors!). You’ll be able to return to your daily activities immediately, though your doctor will probably advise you to drink plenty of water – a healthy habit you should consider year-round, of course.

Is It Right For You?

Zerona is not meant to replace a healthy diet and exercise in your life. You might even jeopardize results, regaining the inches you lose, if you don’t follow good health habits. (That’s because, according to SBMI, the treatment doesn’t destroy the fat cells, it just ‘empties’ them.) Nor is Zerona for people who need to lose a lot of weight or who have broad areas of fat — the ideal candidates are those with a stubborn and specific pocket of fat that they can’t seem to erase, despite their best diet and exercise efforts. Talk with a physician trained and experienced in Zerona before deciding if it’s for you.

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